Hire a camper van in New Zealand.

Choose from sleeper cars, small campers, low-top, hi-top, 2-berth, 4-berth and 6-berth motorhomes.

Compare all the costs on our booking engine. Find out how much it costs by entering your dates of travel and where you would like to pick up and drop off your campervan.

Jucy Campers, Mighty, Maui, Apollo, Cheapa, Britz, Hippie, Spaceships, McRent, StarRV, Tui,Pacific Horizon, Kiwi Campers and more. New Zealand has one of the widest ranges of campervan and motorhome rental companies in the world.

Travelling across New Zealand in a Camper is one of the easiest holidays you will ever take. Don't stay in one place for the whole of your trip. Don't unpack every night and repack every morning.

Want to stay longer in one place because you love it so much? Then stay! You choose when you want to leave and where you want to go. If you are talking to another camper who has visited somewhere that was not on your road trip plan, then you can change your plan.

How to choose which one is the right camper for me?

The number of people travelling is important as you will need the matching number of seat belts and the right bed layout for sleeping arrangements.

Each campervan or motorhome listing has all these facts and figures within the Specifications. Also, there are lots of photographs to show where the beds are and how large they are.

Make sure you are booking the right camper for your holiday in New Zealand by talking to one of us. We have been there and done that!

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It is worth noting that there are a limited number of campervans and motorhomes in New Zealand.

2-berth Camper Van By the Ocean in Australia.

Visitors to New Zealand at Christmas and during the summer, are competing with local New Zealanders to rent campervans and motorhomes as school holidays coincide with Christmas and summer holidays. It is a very popular option to rent a campervan at this time.

One Way Rentals from the North Island to the South Island in New Zealand and from South Island to the North Island.

One way hires are available between most of the depots in New Zealand. The most popular are between Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. Or do a round trip and pick up and drop off in the same location.

There is so much to see and do in New Zealand that you have to try and maximise your time there. By booking a one-way hire you are not backtracking and re-visiting places you have already been to (unless you want to of course!)

You may find that there are discounts to be had by booking a South Island to North Island trip. Reverse the dates when using the booking engine to see if the deals are available. Sometimes you may be able to get as much as a 10% discount on the daily rate.

CamperhireNZ offers full details of a huge range of campers to hire from 2 berth sleeper cars to 6 berth luxury motorhomes.There is the right one for your holiday road trip.

Each campervan listing shows photographs of the interior and exterior of the camper. We also list full specifications of each vehicle.